‎"THE World Association for al-Azhar Graduates" offers scholarships for international ‎students to join al-Azhar University in the field of Islamic and Arab studies to earn the ‎Bachelor's degree, or graduate degree (Masters/PhD). ‎
‎(Students, who meet the requirements, can join one of the following faculties):‎
For boys:‎
oFaculty of Islamic Jurisprudence (shari’ah and law)‎‏ ‏
oFaculty of Theology.‎
oFaculty of Islamic and Arab studies.‎
oFaculty of Islamic preaching (Da’wwah).‎
oFaculty of Islamic Sciences for international students.‎
For girls:‎
oThe Islamic Faculty for girls, specializing in:‎
Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence (shari’ah and law)‎‏ ‏
Faculty of Theology.‎
Faculty of Islamic and Arab studies.‎

Privileges of the Scholarship:‎‏ -‏
‎ Students, who obtain a scholarship, gain the following advantages:‎‏-‏
Assistance in finalizing the procedures of registration and enrollment in the ‎university.‎
One month salary paid annually to cover the cost of text books and study materials. ‎
A stipend to cover all the living expenses on campus.‎
One month salary paid annually to cover living costs.‎
The association could pay in some exceptional cases the flight fees for the arrival ‎and final return after graduation.‎
The association offers rewards and prizes for distinguished students.‎
General eligibility requirements (for both undergraduate and graduate students)‎
‎1.‎The applicant must be a citizen and resident of the country from which he/she is ‎applying.‎
‎2.‎The student must not be benefiting from any other scholarships.‎
‎3.‎The student must meet all conditions of admittance in one of the declared faculties. ‎‏ ‏
‎4.‎The student must be free of any infectious diseases.‎

First: the undergraduate (the Bachelor's degree):‎
A: applicants can register in one of the following programs:‎
‎1.‎Faculty of theology which offers the Bachelor's degree in:‎‏-‏
Interpretation (Exegesis) and sciences of Qur'an;‎
Program duration: 4 years.‎‏ ‏
The Hadith and its Discourse Sciences;‎
‎ Program duration: 4 years.‎
Faith and Philosophy;‎
‎ Program duration: 4 years.‎
Islamic Preaching (Da’waah);‎‏ ‏
‎ Program duration: 4 years.‎‏ ‏
‎2.‎Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence (Shari’ah and law) which offers the Bachelors ‎degree in:‎‏-‏
The Islamic Jurisprudence (Shari’ah and law);‎
‎  Program duration: 4 years.‎
Jurisprudence and law; ‎
Program duration: 5 years.‎
‎3.‎Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies which offers the Bachelors degree in:‎
Islamic and Arabic Studies;‎‏ ‏
Program duration: 4 years.‎‏  ‏
‎4.‎Faculty of Preaching (Da’waah) which offers a degree in:‎‏-‏
The Islamic Preaching (Da’waah);‎‏ -‏
‎ Program duration: 4 years.‎‏ ‏
‎5.‎Faculty of Arabic Language which offers the Bachelors degree in:‎‏ -‏
The Arabic Language; ‎
‎ Program duration: 4 years.‎
History and Islamic Culture;‎‏-‏
‎ Program duration: 4 years.‎

‎6.‎Faculty of Islamic Sciences for International Students which offers the ‎Bachelor degree in:‎
Islamic Studies;‎
Program duration: 4 years.‎

B:  Application Requirements:‎
In addition to the general requirements, the applicant applying for the scholarship for ‎earning the Bachelor's degree must meet the following terms:‎
Obtain Azhari secondary certificate, or  its equivalent, or Azhari missionary ‎secondary certificate or its equivalent, or, the Egyptian general secondary certificate ‎or its equivalent, or a bachelor’s degree from an authorized university.‎
Age, should not to exceed, 40 years.‎
Good command of the Arabic language.‎
‏ ‏
‎(The candidate maybe exempt from this condition provided s/he attends a preparatory year ‎long Arabic language program. As for those who held a secondary certificate equivalent to ‎the Egyptian General Secondary Certificate, they are allowed to attend a preparatory year ‎before registering in the chosen faculty)  ‎

‎-If you are eligible, please send us the following:‎
‎1- Copy of the academic Qualifications (general secondary certificate, bachelor degree).‎
‎2- Recent photo of the applicant.‎
‎3- Copy of the passport.‎
If you meet these terms, please send us your papers on the following address:‎