Training and Continuous Education:‎
The World Association for al-Azhar Graduates organizes intensive training courses for ‎Muslims and Non-Muslims, who wish to get acquainted with true Islam according to al-‎Azhar’s approach. ‎

The Main Objectives of the Training Courses:‎
After completing the training course, the trainee is expected to have attained the ‎following:‎
Understanding of the basic concepts and rules of Islam.‎
Adequate knowledge of the objectives of Islamic law.‎
The ability to realize inter-religious positive values.‎
Recognizing the civilizational role of Islam and Muslims.‎
Realizing the status of the family, women and children in Islam.‎
Learning the Islamic rulings concerning environmental protection.‎
Realizing the moderation of Islam and its call to social peace.‎

The Training Courses’ Targeted Sectors are:‎
‎1.‎Those working in the field of Islamic preaching (Dawah) abroad, especially in ‎countries with Muslim minorities.‎
‎2.‎Members of political and diplomatic bodies.‎
‎3.‎International, regional and local organizations.‎
‎4.‎Islamic centres and cultural attaché offices.‎
‎5.‎Arab and foreign students in the fields of Islamic sciences.                            ‎
‎6.‎Those who have newly converted to Islam.‎
‎7.‎Other categories.‎

Venue: The World Association for al-Azhar Graduates – al-Azhar University – sixth ‎District – Nasr City, Cairo

Duration: 8-10 weeks, 20 hours/week (from 160 to 200 hours)‎
Languages: Arabic and English