Membership Form
Dear website visitors:‎
If you would like to join the World Association for al-Azhar Graduates and if the ‎membership rules apply you, you can apply using the following:‎
First: Written Application:‎
Click here to print the form, fill it and send it by post on the association’s address. Fees ‎of annual subscription are estimated at 150 Egyptian pounds (100 pounds for membership ‎fees + 50 pounds for annual subscription) must be sent with the form by a postal order ‎bearing the name of the World Association for al-Azhar Graduates. This amount of ‎money is paid once and the subscription will be renewed annually with 50 pounds.  ‎
Second: Electronic Application:‎
Click here to fill in the membership form. The employee responsible for membership will ‎contact you to complete the rest of the procedures.   ‎

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