The Conclusion of Quran Competition for International Students at WOAG
2021-05-23 23:07:21Z    
The World Organization for Al-Azhar Graduates (WOAG) organized, in cooperation with Abou el-Enein Charitable Foundation, a Quran Competition for international students studying at al-Azhar.
Students from several nationalities and educational levels had participated in such competition, where the best of them, who perfectly memorized the Holy Quran, had been chosen to be honored during the conclusion ceremony at al-Sheikh Zayed Center for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers. This competition comes within WOAG's keenness and interest in al-Azhar international students, especially those who perfectly memorize the Holy Quran and its narratives.
Students from Uzbekistan and Afghanistan won the competition's first level which included memorizing the full text of Quran, while students from Nigeria, Indonesia, Philippines, Niger and Malaysia won the competition's second level which included memorizing the half text of Quran. Winners were granted valuable tangible and discretionary awards.