Al-Azhar Condemns the Terrorist Bombings in Baghdad
Al-Azhar Calls for Unity to Ward off Terrorism and Give Priority to the Supreme Interest of Iraq
2021-01-22 13:04:00Z    
Al-Azhar strongly condemned the two terrorist bombings that hit the center of Baghdad, on Thursday's morning, resulting in dozens of casualties and injuries among the innocents.
In such vein, al-Azhar reasserted that such hateful terrorist acts contradict the teachings of the heavenly religions as well as the humanitarian principles. Al-Azhar stressed that the solidarity of all Iraqi factions and powers of all components and sects is required in order to ward off the threat of terrorism and give priority to the supreme interest of Iraq.
Al-Azhar concluded its statement by presenting its condolences to the Iraqi people, praying to Allah Almighty to have mercy on the victims and bless the injured with speedy recovery.