Al-Azhar Graduates Praises the Valor of the Security Forces in Destroying Terrorist Hideouts in Sinai


2020-09-10 22:03:43Z    

The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates praised the valor of the Egyptian Armed Forces while countering terrorism and extremism in Sinai. The latest military operation carried out today resulted in destroying 317 hideouts for terrorists and a warehouse for explosive materials in Nort Sinai, in addition to destroying 10 four-wheel-drive vehicles for the takfirist elements, and killing 73 takfiri personnel, in specific operations, and seizing automatic rifles and quantities of ammunition. 
In such vein, the Organization stressed the necessity of the continuation of the security forces' efforts to uproot terrorism, adding that such terrorist groups neither considerate the inviolability of believers and human souls nor the public and private properties. 
In its statement, the Organization addressed a message to the Egyptian people to rally around its armed forces, whose sons sacrifice their lives for the homeland and its people, and strive to protect and defend it against its enemies. 
The Organization stressed that these treacherous attacks would not destabilize Egypt's security, since Allah promised to protect Egypt and its people “Enter into Egypt, if Allah will, in safety.” [Q. 12:  99]. 
At the end of the statement, it asked Allah to protect Egypt from the horrors of extremism and terrorism and to keep it safe.