The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates Responds to the Video of Jund ‎al-Islam
Jerusalem Will Remain the Most Important Issue for Egypt, Arabs and Muslims ‎
2018-09-25 15:18:56Z    

In the name of merciful Allah,‎
Praise be to Allah and blessings and peace be upon his Prophet, his Kinsfolk and ‎Companions.‎

The Takfiri and terrorist groups that spread in the East and West have plagued the ‎Islamic world and the entire world. They spread fear and terror among innocent and ‎peaceful people, shed blood and kill people as standard-bearers of "Khawarij" until ‎they distort the image of Islam with lies and mislead; Allah is their adversary in this ‎regard.‎

Such groups continue to propagate lies against Islam and Muslims. Furthermore, they ‎believe they have superiority over other Muslims, claiming that they are the only ‎believers, jihadists and the only survivors in the Judgment Day; those who fit the ‎description of the Prophet Muhammad (bpuh): "When you hear a man say, 'The people ‎are ruined,' he himself is the most ruined of them all." narrated by Muslim.‎

In this regard, a video was released recently by the deviant group "Jund al-Islam", in ‎which they sought to attract the youth of the Islamic world to support them and ‎propagate their malicious terrorist schemes in Islamic countries. Thus, they use the ‎question of Jerusalem to impassion Muslims. They consequently made Muslim peoples ‎an enemy to their governments and caretakers, describing them as puppet governments ‎in the hands of USA.‎

Moreover, "Jund al-Islam" accused the Egyptian government in this video of being a ‎puppet government in the hands of Israeli entity, since they have secured their borders ‎through displacement and forced migration of Sinai people and allowed Israel to ‎launch more than one hundred air strikes inside Sinai, according to one of the western ‎sources, as they said!!  ‎

The terrorist group called upon the Muslim youth from all over the world to be ‎stationed with them as they called it "Jihad for Allah", as it can be seen in the holy ‎Quran: "O believers, be patient, and vie you in patience; be steadfast; fear Allah; haply ‎so you will prosper."[Q. ‎‏3:200‏‎] They also presented audios for Abdullah Azzam and ‎Omar Abdul Rahman, in which they talked about the virtue of stationing. In addition, ‎they said that there is no Jihad without stationing and the guerdon of the stationed for ‎Allah does not diminish. Furthermore, they called to fight the enemies of Islam from ‎the western countries and Muslims should fight for Allah. ‎

The group released a part of a word for Sheikh Abdul Hameed Kishk, where he said: ‎‎"Those who will liberate Jerusalem are the youth who raised in the camp of ‎monotheism Tawheed and then armed with piety." They deluded the audience that he ‎meant their terrorist youth.‎

Finally, the group called on the Egyptian youth to join them, declaring that they ‎repudiate takfir and that their duty is to repulse the attacks of Zionists against ‎Muslims.‎

Needless to say that this is a blatant lie since the question of Jerusalem remains the ‎question of every Muslim across the world, especially the Arab and Islamic ‎governments. Furthermore, Egyptian people and army stood against the Zionist ‎scheme in the Arab region since the establishment of Israel. This was reflected in the ‎unity of the Arab Armies in ‎‏1948‏‎ and in the war of ‎‏1956‏‎. Moreover, the Egyptian ‎army was subjected to Zionist strikes in ‎‏1967‏‎ until victory over the enemies of the ‎nation in October battle ‎‏1973‏‎, in which all Arab governments participated either by ‎soldiers, money, and equipment or by cutting off the supply of oil to Israel's allies. ‎

Had not al-Azhar Institution, under the sponsorship of the Muslim Arab Egyptian ‎President, called upon the wise men all over the world, during the conference of "In ‎Support of Jerusalem" to denounce the declaration of Trump considering Jerusalem as ‎a capital of Israel? As a matter of fact, Prof. Ahmad at-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of al-‎Azhar rejected to meet the US ambassador to Cairo, and his eminence declared it out ‎loud during the conference that "The US decision makers should know that the ‎double standard policy, along with supporting the Zionist occupation, and looting the ‎rights of peoples, the heritages and the cultures of nations, are all considered as ‎uncivilized policies and they will not last for so long. Jerusalem Arabism will remain ‎the main concern and issue of all Arabs and Muslims, and it shall not fade away‏".‏

In fact, Egypt had took the responsibility of defending the Palestinian issue long time ‎ago; it strived and  went through several wars to liberate Jerusalem; hence, it is ‎irrational to believe that Egypt has become an puppet country for Israel, or that it ‎permits for Israel to hit its land with air strikes‏?‏

The most astonishing thing is that such malicious rumors are transferred from western ‎sources; thus, those who can read what between the lines should be fully aware that ‎the sources of those who propagate such rumors is the West and not the people of ‎Islam, since they accuse Muslims with treason, while they take the claims of others as ‎truth‏.‏

Astonishingly, such terrorist groups mislead people with the Quranic verse "O ‎believers, be patient, and vie you in patience; be steadfast; fear Allah; haply so you ‎will prosper."[Q. ‎‏3:200‏‎]. Although the verse begins with the urge to be patient, ‎however, the terrorist group skipped such order and headed directly to the order of ‎taking stations, and made such order a pivot for its call and activities, inciting the ‎Muslim youth to join the terrorist group, under the rubric of "Taking Stations". Such ‎terrorist group forgot that taking stations is one of the derivatives of Jihad, and that ‎the ruler is the only one who declares Jihad, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "A ‎commander (of the Muslims) is a shield for them. They fight behind him and they are ‎protected by (him from tyrants and aggressors)."‎‏ ‏

The Imam of Ibn Qudamah said in his book al-Mughni (‎‏13/16‏‎): The order of Jihad is ‎only announced by the Imam (the Ruler), and the subjects should obey and follow ‎him‏".‏

The evidence we are mentioning here are driven from authentic imams and scholars, ‎while such terrorist groups follow the deviants such as Abullah Azzam and Omar ‎Abdul Rahman, who incite their followers to kill the innocents‏. ‏

Concerning Sheikh Kishk, even though these terrorist groups cut some of his words ‎out of its context, they will not achieve what they aspire. Indeed, Jerusalem will not ‎be liberated except by the arms of a youth who were brought upon monotheism ‎Tawheed and armed themselves with piety. The question that poses itself now: where ‎are those terrorist groups who defy Allah and His Prophet, from the piety of Allah, as ‎they wreak havoc in Islamic countries‏?‏

Did they defend the Islamic countries against the Zionist strikes as they claim? We ‎have not heard any news about some sort of a battle that took place between such ‎groups and the Zionists to defend the city of Jerusalem? They did not even defend ‎the vulnerable of Muslims; however, their fight is against Muslims, the religion of ‎Islam and the Muslim armies. Indeed, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once described ‎these deviated groups as: "Whosoever from my followers attacks my followers ‎‎(indiscriminately) killing the righteous and the wicked of them, sparing not (even) ‎those staunch in faith and fulfilling not his obligation towards them who have been ‎given a pledge (of security), is not from me (i.e. is not my follower)", narrated by ‎Muslim‏.‏

What do these heinous terrorist groups really want? What is apparent to us is that they ‎have such greed for examining power and authority, and for such sake, they destroyed ‎many of the Muslim countries such as Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and ‎others. If this is their intentions, we disavow the crimes of such heinous terrorist ‎groups.‎

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