18 Tips for Hajj


2018-08-16 14:24:13Z    

‏1‏‎.‎Devote your good intentions and sincerity for Allah's sake‏.‏
‏2‏‎.‎Make sure that the expenses of your Hajj journey come from legitimate ‎sources‏.‏
‏3‏‎.‎Keep away from anything that distract your heart and emotions; keep calm and ‎tranquil, fill your time with Dhikr, and avoid desires and inclination‏.‏
‏4‏‎.‎Repent to Allah Almighty, remove injustices, discharge your debts, and leave ‎money for those in your care, before travelling‏. ‏
‏5‏‎.‎Make sure, during your pilgrimage journey, to use fine words, to feed the poor, ‎and to show high moralities, since travelling reveals the hidden mysteries.‎
‏6‏‎.‎When you put on ihram garments during Hajj, remember that all people around ‎you are wearing the same garments and that there is no difference among them ‎in front of Allah except in obeying Him.‎
‏7‏‎.‎Feel in your heart the Greatness of Allah and beware of hypocrisy in order not ‎to render your deeds void.‎
‏8‏‎.‎When you see Al-Masjid Al-Haram, thank Allah for the blessing of making you ‎perform Hajj.‎
‏9‏‎.‎It is not permissible to crowd or struggle through crowds since you are in the ‎holiest spot on earth. In this regard, pilgrims must remember that among ‎objectives of Hajj are to purify their hearts and accustom themselves to ‎patience and obedience.    ‎
‏10‏‎.‎Proceed gently in the rites of Hajj in order not to harm anyone.‎
‏11‏‎.‎Trotting in Tawaf is recommended for men and disliked for women.‎
‏12‏‎.‎Hajj is one of the best worships, so speak well during Hajj. ‎
‏13‏‎.‎By standing at Arafat, be mindful of the Day of Resurrection, crowding of ‎people, their loud, their different languages, gathering of nations in this spot ‎and their prayers for intercession.‎
‏14‏‎.‎When you stone Jamarat, show humility, slavery and servitude without being ‎arrogant.‎
‏15‏‎.‎Proceed gently in stoning Jamarat in order not to harm others and choose the ‎smallest stones.‎
‏16‏‎.‎When you visit Madinah, remember that this is the place that Allah chose for ‎His Prophet (bpuh) and permitted him to migrate to it.‎
‏17‏‎.‎If Allah blessed you with visiting the tomb of Prophet Muhammad (bpuh), feel ‎His greatness in your heart and invoke peace and blessings upon Him. Pilgrims ‎visiting the Prophet's tomb must feel in their hearts that the Prophet (bpuh) is ‎alive in His grave; He can hear their greeting and words and is able to answer ‎them.‎
‏18‏‎.‎The pilgrims do not have to offer a sacrifice; however, they have to slaughter a ‎‎"Hady of Pleasure" only if they gather both Umrah and Hajj and make an ‎interval between them. The pilgrims are also obliged to slaughter a "Hady of ‎Qur'an", if they gather both Umrah and Hajj without making an interval ‎between them. The pilgrims may have to offer a sacrifice either for skipping ‎one of the pilgrimage obligations, or expiation for taking a prohibited action ‎during Hajj.‎

18 Tips for Hajj
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