WAAG Condemns Threats of ISIS to the World Cup


2018-06-26 13:12:06Z    

The World Association for al-Azhar Graduates WAAG condemned the threats of ISIS ‎on social media that targeted the World Cup and some of the most prominent athletes ‎participating in it. WAAG confirmed that these criminal acts violate the Islamic ‎Shariah, the teachings of divine religions, ethics and the humanitarian principles.‎

In its statement, WAAG said that these despicable acts are legitimately and customary ‎forbidden. Prophet Muhammad said: "It is not lawful for a Muslim that he frightens a ‎Muslim", narrated by Abu Dawood. Furthermore, there are many other texts that ‎prohibit intimidation or harming the human beings.‎

WAAG added that practicing sports and competition are legitimately permissible as ‎determined in the approved books of jurisprudence.‎

Not to mention that WAAG confirmed in its statement the need to crack down on the ‎terrorist operatives, pointing out that concealing these brutal terrorists or supporting ‎them by any means is forbidden. Those who harbor them are their accomplices and the ‎following saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) applies to them: "Allah cursed him ‎who accommodated an innovator." It is an obligatory for those who know anything ‎about them or their hideouts to report the competent authorities to prevent bloodshed ‎and protect their countries.‎

WAAG added that Muslims must cooperate in goodness, righteousness and piety and ‎not help aggressors and oppressors, based on this verse of the Holy Quran: "Help one ‎another to piety and godfearing; do not help each other to sin and enmity. And fear ‎Allah; surely Allah is terrible in retribution." [Q. ‎‏5:2‏‎]. It is indubitably sinful and ‎tyrannical to furnish terrorists with money, assist and harbor them ‎

Furthermore, WAAG called upon the international community to pass deterrent laws to ‎stop funding terrorism and sympathizing with it or harboring terrorists, reiterate zero- ‎tolerance towards fundraising terrorist and extremist organizations and to bring to ‎justice those who are implicated in such operations.‎

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