Al-Azhar Graduates: Kidnapping Girls by Boko Haram is a Criminal Act and ‎Corruption on Earth
2018-03-15 12:12:09Z    
The World Organization for Al-Azhar Graduates (WAAG) affirmed that Kidnapping ‎Nigerian girls and abusing them sexually are criminal acts prohibited by all laws as ‎well as heavenly religions and rejected by international charters. In a statement ‎released by WAAG, it pointed to the fact that Allah Almighty blessed human beings ‎with dignity and sanctity regardless of their belief, color or language. Allah Almighty ‎says "We have honored the Children of Adam" [Q. ‎‏17:70‏‎] and did not say honored ‎‎'believer' or 'Muslims'. ‎
The statement also affirmed that Boko Haram’s acts are criminal ones. Moreover, it ‎mentioned that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ordered us to act kindly to women and ‎not to make birds suffer the loss of their little ones. Then, what is the case with those ‎who make parents suffer the loss of their daughters?‎
The statement denounced this criminal act stating "How can those crminals claim that ‎they stand up for Islam while they disregard one of its greatest objectives which is ‎preserving one's honor?”‎
Eventually, the statement stressed that WAAG offers its condolences to their families ‎and that it endeavors, through its foreign branches, to confront this destructive ‎thought and to expose it as a corrupt and misleading thought. It described true Islam ‎as the religion of mercy, peace and serenity and not that of cruelty, kidnapping or ‎killing.     ‎