WAAG Supports State's Plan to Confront the Terrorist Operatives
2018-03-15 12:10:16Z    
The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates WAAG expressed its full support for the state's plan which the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior announced this morning to confront the terrorist operatives in Sinai and other regions in the country. 

WAAG called on the Egyptian people to be united in solidarity with the Army, the police and all institutions of the state to vehemently confront the evil terrorism and its heinous crimes. Furthermore, WAAG appealed to the Egyptian people for consolidation and cooperation in this confrontation and not to harbor these criminals or help them by any means.  

WAAG's statement pointed out that these criminals sold themselves to the devil, denounced their covenant with Allah the Almighty and forgot Allah's guidance and ordinances. They became a tool to be manipulated by the enemies of Islam who use them to distort the image of Islam and discredit its message. 

At the conclusion of the statement, WAAG sincerely thanked the Egyptian people, especially the people of Sinai for their sacrifices for their homeland; may Allah protect Egypt and its people from all evil. 

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