The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates: Egypt Defeated ISIS Militarily ‎and Psychologically
2018-03-15 11:53:37Z    
The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates released a statement, in which it stressed ‎that ISIS threat to unleash deadly attacks against Egypt, during the upcoming ‎presidential elections, is but a desperate attempt to give a relief to the terrorist groups in ‎Sinai. In the same context, the statement paid tribute to the efforts exerted by the ‎Egyptian army in demolishing the terrorists' strongholds.‎
The Organization's statement underlined that ISIS and its affiliates bear in their mind that ‎Egypt and its army stand as an obstacle in their way to attain their heinous aims in the ‎region, such as spreading chaos and rioting, fragmenting and disrupting the Muslim ‎Ummah. Indeed, ISIS and its affiliates use the criminal groups to achieve their wicked ‎purposes. ‎
The statement pointed out that describing the participation in the presidential elections as ‎blasphemy is an evidence of the flawed doctrinal thinking of such terrorist groups. The ‎statement added that such description is an encroachment upon the rules of the Islamic ‎Shari'ah and the Prophetic Sunnah, and a misuse of the Islamic terminologies to mislead ‎the common.‎
The statement posed a question: "during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood group, none ‎of the terrorist groups, ISIS and its affiliates, declared that the presidential elections are ‎blasphemy, and those responsible for them are tyrants. Ridiculously, they named the ‎elections, then, as "the Polls Invasion"; so, what happened made ISIS and its affiliates ‎change their minds?"‎
The statement highlighted that if ISIS and its affiliates own anything to terrorize the ‎Egyptians, they will not release threatening statements or multimedia. The statement ‎stressed that ISIS threatening record is an evidence of the heavy blows and strikes of the ‎Egyptian army against the terrorist strongholds in Sinai and other places. The statement ‎added that ISIS threatening record is but a desperate attempt to scare the ordinary ‎people.‎
The Organization's statement assured the Egyptian people that: "Allah protects Egypt and ‎its people, before there is an army to secure it, and that Allah promised to secure Egypt ‎and its people, and no one can turn such promise into fear and destruction".‎
The statement demanded the whole world to stand shoulder to shoulder with Egypt to ‎eradicate the remains of ISIS and its affiliates, especially that the terrorist group suffers ‎weakness and fragmentation.  ‎