"Islam and Politics Maneuver "Islam and Politics Maneuver
Prof. Abdul Fadeel al-Qoosy
"WAAG Vice- Chairman of For Academic and Cultural Affairs
  "Witnessing such a critical period makes us in dire need to recall the phrase of Imam Muhammad Abdo in his book "Islam and Christianity". In this phrase he sought refuge in Allah from the terminology of politics, its meaning and all letters of the word as well as the politics players and all its derivatives. In this regard there are four insights to elaborate, summarized in the following lines.

First: It is very likely that the Imam's refuge from politics was not out of hatred to politics, interpreted in the straight and correct meaning as what the authority on Islam, Imam al-Ghazali deemed to explain the function of politics as reforming people and guiding them to safety in this world and in the Hereafter). Neither was Imam Muhammad Abdo’s refuge in Allah from politics meant to be a kind of hatred to the legal politics –as many Muslim scholars may call it-; this type of  politics which is concerned  with guiding people into what consists with the certainties of Islamic law and its exalted purposes. Most probably that he sought refuge in Allah from that game of politics which contains a large area of balances, barters and maneuvers. Such game may have varying portion of falsehood, lying and cheating, and according to its rules, everything is accepted.  

Second: Not only does the politics game, in that mentioned sense, settle its players for that, but it also goes beyond that and involves its players in calling for texts of Quran and Sunnah traditions and practices with its dignity, respect sanctity and profound effects in the Muslim hearts to use them all roughly in the stagnant swamp of politics. They attract sympathy of the mob, who become pawns at their disposal, and provoke their emotions to direct them to what they desire. You may become astonished when they falsely interpret the verses of holy Quran; which bear a promise of victory to the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions; become confined to them and to them alone due to their limited understanding and shallow exegesis. Likewise, they utterly, restricted the verses which bear a threat and warning to the adversaries of the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions to only those who oppose them. Thus, they audaciously claimed they delved into the realm of the Unseen which is restricted only to Allah. Furthermore, they misinterpret and alter the Sunnah traditions and practices supported by their alleged opinions and abnormalities to falsely testify to the naïve people that they are true victors and those who oppose them are the losers.

The ancestor examiners warned of "Making commentary of the Holy Quran according to commentators' own wishes", as Jalaluddin Suyuti said in his book "Al-Itqan fi Ulum al-Quran". Moreover, the ancestor examiners realized that the reason behind the trial of Khawarij is that they misinterpreted the verses which were revealed in disbelievers; they claimed that these verses described Muslims. Thus, they regarded Muslims' blood, honor and inviolabilities as lawful! Their successors act like them now audaciously accusing those who oppose them of infidelity. They deliberately overlook the Hadith: "Whatever a man who said to his brother: O unbeliever, one of them deserves it, if it were so but if it was not true, the curse returns to the curser", narrated by Bukhari and Muslim.

One astounds at the malicious manipulation of the Quranic texts and Hadiths by those who deem Islamic heritage and jurisprudence permissible and mix truth with untruth and dress falsity with verity.

Third: One is also astonished when politics attract those players who transform legal politics into passion of authority. They seek rule regardless of bloodshed and killing. Authority and rule become their ultimate objectives instead of exerting efforts to guide people to good and safety and correct deviation of their minds and heal the corruption of their souls. They ignore that the authority in Islam is just a means to achieve real reform in this world and to strengthen legal and moral values.  In fact, they lack the distinction between the means, authority and rule, and the lawful ideals for whose sake one can really sacrifice blood and soul.

Fourth: Islam is not only an "authority or rule"; Islam is not only a social system. Islam is cultural achievements, intellectual outcomes; it is a mix between brains, hearts and arms. Islam has all these aspects which satisfy mankind aspirations of freedom, justice, progress and peace. Islam brings about the light and guidance to the long-waiting peoples of different tongues and cultures. It is the harbinger of the lost paradise and eternal peace for all mankind everywhere in the world.