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The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates Stresses its Full Support for the Palestinian Cause

The World Organization of Al-Azhar Graduates WAAG has condemned the brutal repression exercised by the Israeli occupation against peaceful demonstrations organized by the Palestinian people commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the Land Day.

Comment of the French Student/ Mousa Guillaume Andorra, on the Recent Terrorist Attacks in France

Al-Azhar Graduates: Kidnapping Girls by Boko Haram is a Criminal Act and ‎Corruption on Earth

The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates: Egypt Defeated ISIS Militarily ‎and Psychologically

The World Organization for al-Azhar Graduates: "The Heavenly Religions Refuse Terrorist Assaults against National Partners….The Bloody Dark Ages' Ideology Will not attain its Heinous Schemes…. We Trust the Awareness of the Egyptian People"


- UK office of the Al-Azhar alumni body condemns Islamophobic ‘Punish a Muslim’ campaign

WAAG Supports State's Plan to Confront the Terrorist Operatives

WAAG Comments on ISIS Video "and you will not hurt Him anything": ISIS Tries to Return to the Scene through Barbaric Messages

Al-Azhar Graduates Adopts a Comprehensive Strategy to Confront ISIS